Buyer and Seller Representation

Are you selling your property or do you have a real estate requirement? Landlord Realty Solutions can promote your properties using our digital marketing platforms. We can also provide the right property with our wide selection of inventory.

Property Leasing

Are you looking for a tenant or a property to rent? Our company provides tenant solutions to clients for personal use or for commercial purposes.

Project Selling

Are you interested with preselling projects or brand new ready for occupancy units with flexible payment terms by developers? Our company is accredited with major real estate developers and independent builders.

Property Management

Do you need a property manager to maintain and protect your assets? Landlord Realty Solutions provide professional management services to clients to protect the value and condition of their real estate properties and to maximize profitability.

Real Estate Documentation and Processing

Are you having a hard time figuring out what type of document to draft or how the process will be? Our company consists of professionals equipped with technical knowledge on real estate transactions.

Title Transfer

Don’t know where to start on how to transfer a certificate of title? Landlord Realty Solutions provide transfer service of certificate of titles to new owners.