When you get sick of a disease or any other illness, to whom do you ask for consultation? The obvious answer is a medical doctor, right? Why do you trust the doctor’s advise regarding a disease or illness? Is it because of their medical knowledge and expertise because of years of research and experience? When you plan to have your house built, do you hire an engineer to do it? Or when you have legal problems, of course you seek legal consultation with a lawyer, right? There are other professions for every area or field: Certified Public Accountant, Dentist, Interior Designer, Financial Adviser, and many more. For every field, there’s an appropriate professional to be consulted with. The reason for this is because of the time they dedicate to gain a certain level of expertise in the industry and the knowledge they possess in order to solve problems and render professional service to a client. You don’t consult with a lawyer for a medical advice. You don’t seek legal advise from an engineer or dentist, or else you’ll be greatly misinformed and you’ll put your health at risk. Same goes to the real estate service profession.

Did you know that real estate brokers must renew their professional identification cards with PRC every three years? Real estate brokers must attend at least a certain number of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) units before they can renew their PRC ids. The reason for this requirement is to keep real estate professionals up to date with current real estate market trends and laws. Also, this is to create a standard among the professionals and make them globally competitive. Active practitioners are always facilitating real estate transactions. They are updated with zonal values, documentary requirements, lead time, and schedule of Government agencies they interact with. They possess the technical knowledge, know-how, ins-and-outs, and tricks of the trade. They know how to troubleshoot real estate issues.  

So next time you will engage in a real estate transaction, you should ask yourself. Do I really know what I’m doing?