Did you know that real estate agents earn through commissions? An average affordable real property that a buyer can purchase is around 3 million pesos. The potential commission from that amount is a 6-digit income. Imagine selling one real property per quarter or even better, every month? You can potentially earn a 6-digit income per month if you put in the work. If you want to earn a 6-digit commission but you are currently pre-occupied with something else, don’t worry, its still possible to start a career in real estate. Being a real estate agent is the perfect side hustle for you. Our firm has programs and schemes in order for you to earn while not giving up something important to you. Do you think you have what it takes to become a millionaire? you can become a full time or part time real estate professional for our firm. There are two ways be part of our team:

  • Accredited real estate salesperson
    • Real estate salespersons are registered in the Professional Regulation Commission under a Real Estate Broker’s license. You can work as full time or part time depending on our arrangement. Real Estate Salespersons are directly engaged in the real estate transaction and involved in interacting with clients. 
  • Network partner
    • Network Partners are not directly engaged in the real estate transaction. You will only refer clients to the lead broker. You will refer property listings or you will refer potential buyers to the lead broker.

Do you want to know more? You can send us a message in the “Contact Us” page or you can directly send us an email to jrp@landlord.ph. You can also reach us at +63917 170 5673.