Bitdefender and Kaspersky are both cybersecurity businesses with a wide range of antivirus suites for home use. Their products are able to protect you from online threats such as ransomware and phishing, while also offering privacy and device protection options including backup and restore functions along with password managers and parental controls. Pricing is based on which product and plan you select However, both companies provide low-cost options when compared to other cybersecurity firms.

Both Bitdefender and Kaspersky received top marks from board meeting design independent testing laboratory AV TEST. However, Bitdefender scored better in various categories, including anti-ransomware and overall protection. Bitdefender’s software consumes less system resources than Kaspersky and is quicker to detect and remove malware.

The user interface of the company is simple to use and provides the status of your system clearly. It also provides a helpful status widget that can be positioned on your desktop, allowing you to view scans in real-time. Kaspersky’s screens are a bit white and disjointed.

Both companies provide reliable customer support. Bitdefender provides chat, email, and phone support as well as a knowledge base, community forums, and video tutorials. Kaspersky has a similar setup with chat, email and phone support. It also includes tutorial videos, a knowledge base and three forums for security at home.

Both companies offer mobile apps that let you check and manage your security. Kaspersky’s app lets you accomplish a variety tasks, such as scanning and re-updating your database. Its software also includes a password manager and backup/restore feature that makes it easier to keep all of your devices.