They can do anything from taking your hard disk space, to accessing your private information and draining your CPU. There are numerous anti-virus programs available to safeguard your devices from such issues. It is crucial to select one that is not likely to have an impact on your system’s performance. Every antivirus program we offer has been tested against this. The results are based on the length of time it takes each product to complete an operation. For example, Kaspersky Security Cloud Free had an impact on the background of 6percent while running an entire scan, while ESET had a slightly greater impact of 12%.

Germany-based Avira is a reputable company in our tests and consistently performs above the 90% mark in all three categories – Performance, Protection and Usability (False Positives). The UI has a variety of functionality and features, including a sophisticated “firewall” and a range of privacy tools. Avira subscriptions are priced per month rather than for a set 1-3 year period. This makes it easier to cancel your subscription or modify it at anytime.

Essentware was formerly known as PCKeeper it is a new name to our tests. It utilizes the Avira Engine under the hood. Overall, it performed well. Its performance and interface are both easy to use however, a few stability problems which included scanning jobs freezing that have led to a lower rating. The detection was great and a perfect run of the certification sets was rewarded with VB100.